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How do you install a floor decal?

Installing your floor decals is fairly easy but you'll want to be careful. It is not possible to adjust or reposition installed floor decals without damaging the integrity of the adhesive or the shape of the decal material. Two people are recommended for installing large floor decals.

1. Identify and clean the installation surface
Know where you'll be installing your floor decal and take care to wash and completely dry the installation surface with a degreasing cleanser. Any remaining moisture will prevent proper adhesion. Recommended installation temperature is 50°F-70°F.

2. Place your floor decal for a dry install
Lay your floor decal where you'll be installing it to get a good look and make sure its exactly where you'd like it to be. Take this opportunity to measure to ensure that the decal is centered in its location and all edges of the decal will adhere to a smooth dry surface.

While our floor decals can easily overlap tile grout, we recommend ordering decals sized to fit just inside the edges of a tile to make sure there are no gaps on the edges where the floor decal could be lifted up accidentally.

3. Mark your installation location
Mark the edges of where the floor decal will start and stop with masking tape. This will help you keep it centered in position during installation.

4. Remove backing and begin installation
Remove the decal backing. If installing a large floor decal, have one person hold a side of the floor decal up in the air to prevent it from touching the floor surface, while the other person begins to stick the floor decal to the floor and carefully smooth out the decal to touch the floor using a decal squeegee. You could also wrap a credit card or other firm edge in a microfiber cloth for a similar tool. Carefully apply pressure across the entire floor decal to ensure the adhesive touches the floor surface completely.

Note: Do not clean your new floor graphic for at least 24 hours after application.

When your floor decals have served their purpose and are ready to be removed, learn how to remove your floor decals.

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