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Laptop Stickers

  • Laptop Stickers
Laptop Stickers
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Stickers for Laptops Our custom laptop stickers are the perfect solution for tech startups and global tech companies alike. These high quality, full color stickers are available in three unique finishes which protect them from fading or scratching, even when applied to laptop covers!

Use laptop stickers to promote your hackathon, SAAS platform and more. Perfect for convention swag. Our low minimum quantity makes us affordable for upstarts, and our bulk pricing makes StandOut Stickers undeniable for some of the biggest names in the tech industry.

An eye-catching laptop sticker is the key to your word-of-mouth marketing. Our online tool makes it easy to design laptop stickers in your browser.

Product Details

You can rest assured that your laptop stickers from StandOut Stickers are the highest quality available. We constantly reinvest in our company to offer the best quality materials and printing technology for you!

Suitable for indoor / outdoor use (up to 5 years fade-free).
Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
(Up to 5 years fade-free!)
Full Color Printing
Eye-popping full color graphics
from cutting-edge printing tech
6mil thick vinyl stickers
Artwork printed on
3mil vinyl w/ 3mil UV laminate
Printed in Ohio, USA
Manufactured with love
in Ohio, USA

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Laptop Sticker Pricing

Below you will find pricing for die cut laptop stickers. Our durable vinyl laptop stickers are priced per square inch. Most laptop stickers measure 2"x2" or less. Keep your computer stickers compact and eye-catching!

The sticker pricing below is for some common sizes, however these are just a sample set of prices. We can print laptop stickers in any size or shape! Order custom stickers to get precise pricing for your unique sticker design and quantity. You'll notice that prices are drastically reduced for larger quantities, so it pays to stock up!

QTY 1.5"x1.5" 1.75"x1.75" 2"x2" 2.25"x2.25"
75 0.3334 ea 0.4045 ea 0.4865 ea 0.5795 ea
125 0.2562 ea 0.3091 ea 0.37 ea 0.4391 ea
250 0.1913 ea 0.2278 ea 0.27 ea 0.3178 ea
500 0.1338 ea 0.1622 ea 0.195 ea 0.2322 ea
750 0.1202 ea 0.1438 ea 0.171 ea 0.2018 ea
1,000 0.0868 ea 0.1054 ea 0.127 ea 0.1514 ea
5,000 0.08 ea 0.0963 ea 0.115 ea 0.1362 ea
10,000 0.0755 ea 0.0901 ea 0.107 ea 0.1261 ea
QTY 2.5"x2.5" 2.75"x2.75" 3"x3" 3.5"x3.5"
75 0.6834 ea 0.7982 ea 0.924 ea 1.2084 ea
125 0.5162 ea 0.6016 ea 0.695 ea 0.9063 ea
250 0.3712 ea 0.4303 ea 0.495 ea 0.6412 ea
500 0.2738 ea 0.3197 ea 0.37 ea 0.4838 ea
750 0.2363 ea 0.2743 ea 0.316 ea 0.4103 ea
1,000 0.1787 ea 0.2089 ea 0.242 ea 0.3167 ea
5,000 0.16 ea 0.1862 ea 0.215 ea 0.28 ea
10,000 0.1475 ea 0.1711 ea 0.197 ea 0.2555 ea
QTY 4"x4" 4.5"x4.5" 5"x5" 5.5"x5.5"
75 1.5365 ea 1.9084 ea 2.324 ea 2.7834 ea
125 1.15 ea 1.4263 ea 1.735 ea 2.0763 ea
250 0.81 ea 1.0012 ea 1.215 ea 1.4513 ea
500 0.615 ea 0.7638 ea 0.93 ea 1.1138 ea
750 0.519 ea 0.6423 ea 0.78 ea 0.9323 ea
1,000 0.403 ea 0.5008 ea 0.61 ea 0.7308 ea
5,000 0.355 ea 0.44 ea 0.535 ea 0.64 ea
10,000 0.323 ea 0.3995 ea 0.485 ea 0.5795 ea
QTY 6"x6" 6.5"x6.5" 7"x7" 7.5"x7.5"
75 3.2865 ea 3.8334 ea 4.424 ea 5.0584 ea
125 2.45 ea 2.8562 ea 3.295 ea 3.7663 ea
250 1.71 ea 1.9912 ea 2.295 ea 2.6212 ea
500 1.315ea 1.5338 ea 1.77 ea 2.0238 ea
750 1.315 ea 1.5338 ea 1.77 ea 2.038 ea
1,000 0.863 ea 1.0068 ea 1.162 ea 1.3287 ea
5,000 0.755 ea 0.88 ea 1.015 ea 1.16 ea
10,000 0.683 ea 0.7955 ea 0.917 ea 1.0475 ea
TemplatesAll Templates

Below you will find templates for our standard sticker shapes and sizes. "Standard Stickers" are offered at a reduced price, but you are free to order any size of shape that you need! You may also use our free online customizer tool to design standard shape stickers of any size right in your browser. When you do, you'll get an instant digital proof to approve before checking out.

You will also find a template for die cut stickers in the menu below. You can adapt this template to be whatever size you need, but it offers good tips for file prep and helps us manage your artwork. Just remember to prepare your file according to our Artwork Requirements. Also read our FAQ if you have any questions. If you still have questions, Contact Us.

MLH Major League Hacking Student Hackathons Proudly Sponsored by StandOut Stickers
Proud Sponsor of MLH Student Hackathon Events

StandOut Stickers is proud to sponsor Major League Hacking student Hackathon events all over the world. MLH organizes weekend-long competitive events where student computer science majors get together and create unique projects in a short timeframe. These "Hackathons" push the boundaries of students' technical knowledge, collaboration and organization skills and push them to become better engineers.

MLH has trusted StandOut Stickers to print high quality laptop stickers and decals to reward Hackathon participants for years. If you are a Hackathon participant, you might even have a StandOut Sticker on your laptop right now! (It's probably the best looking one.)

Please visit the MLH website to learn more about this great organization and get involved!

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