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How do you remove a floor decal?

Our floor decals are easily removable but are not reusable. To remove your custom floor decal simply begin by peeling back one side of the decal at an extreme angle of almost 180 degrees. Continue to pull the decal off at this angle and you should have little to no residue remaining on your floor. Pulling floor decals off at 90 degrees makes adhesive residue more likely.

Custom floor decals are intended as temporary floor signage. Custom floor decals that have been installed longer than 12 months may be harder to remove as the adhesive hardens over time.

Any remaining adhesive may be removed with a product like Goof Off. Make sure to exercise caution when using any adhesive solvents on your flooring. Test on an inconspicuous place before using them in a large quantity. StandOut Stickers is not responsible for damage to flooring caused by installation or removal of floor decals. Please install on solid durable surfaces only.

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