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Kiss Cut Custom Sticker Sheets

  • Custom Sticker Sheets
Sticker Sheets
  • Custom Sticker Sheets
  • Manhattan Charter School Custom Sticker Sheets
  • Custom Sticker Sheets
  • Meopta Custom Sticker Sheets
  • Warlords of Wor Custom Sticker Sheets
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More Shapes = More Fun Want to include multiple stickers on one sheet? Order kiss cuts with any sticker to make it a custom sticker sheet.

Die Cut is when we cut the entire sticker to be any custom shape that you select. Our special sticker printing machines cut the sticker and its backing material to be a unique shape.

Kiss Cuts are light surface cuts on your sticker. You can order multiple kiss cut stickers to make a sticker sheet. Kiss Cuts do not cut the backing material, so the kiss cut shapes peel out of the sticker. Kiss cuts cost just 3 cents each added to the low price of any of our custom vinyl stickers.
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Product Details

You can rest assured that custom sticker sheets from StandOut Stickers are the highest quality available. We constantly reinvest in our company to offer the best quality sticker materials and printing technology for you!

Our custom vinyl sticker sheets have a standard production time of up to 5 business days. If you upgrade to rush production your stickers can ship as quickly as 2 business days.

Suitable for indoor / outdoor use (up to 5 years fade-free).
Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
(Up to 5 years fade-free!)
Full Color Sticker Printing
Eye-popping full color graphics
from cutting-edge printing tech
6mil thick vinyl stickers
Artwork printed on
3mil vinyl w/ 3mil UV laminate
Stickers Printed in Ohio, USA
Sticker Sheets printed with love
in Ohio, USA

Top Reasons to Choose StandOut Stickers

  • Red Wanting Blue Sticker Sheets
  • 8-Bit Zombie Sticker Sheets
  • Manhattan Charter School Sticker Sheets
  • 8-Bit Zombie Sticker Sheets
Custom Sticker Sheet Pricing

Our custom sticker sheets are priced per square inch, plus a small flat fee of three cents per kiss cut. Below you will find pricing tables for some common rectangle sticker sheet sizes without kiss cut fees. We print sticker sheets of any size an shape, so please visit our Sticker Sheets order page to get precise pricing for your unique sticker sheet artwork. Notice that the cost per sticker sheet is greatly reduced when you order higher quantities, so it pays to order more!

QTY 3" x 2" 4" x 2" 4" x 3" 5" x 2"
25 1.55 ea 1.95 ea 2.75 ea 2.35 ea
50 0.91 ea 1.15 ea 1.63 ea 1.39 ea
75 0.75 ea 0.95 ea 1.35 ea 1.15 ea
125 0.57 ea 0.72 ea 1.01 ea 0.86 ea
250 0.41 ea 0.51 ea 0.72 ea 0.61 ea
500 0.30 ea 0.38 ea 0.54 ea 0.46 ea
750 0.26 ea 0.33 ea 0.46 ea 0.39 ea
1,000 0.20 ea 0.25 ea 0.35 ea 0.30 ea
5,000 0.18 ea 0.22 ea 0.31 ea 0.27 ea
10,000 + 0.17 ea 0.21 ea 0.29 ea 0.25 ea
QTY 5" x 3" 5" x 4" 6" x 2" 6" x 4"
25 3.35 ea 4.35 ea 2.75 ea 5.15 ea
50 1.99 ea 2.59 ea 1.63 ea 3.07 ea
75 1.64 ea 2.14 ea 1.35 ea 2.53 ea
125 1.23 ea 1.60 ea 1.01 ea 1.89 ea
250 0.87 ea 1.12 ea 0.72 ea 1.32 ea
500 0.66 ea 0.86 ea 0.54 ea 1.01 ea
750 0.56 ea 0.72 ea 0.46 ea 0.85 ea
1,000 0.43 ea 0.56 ea 0.35 ea 0.67 ea
5,000 0.38 ea 0.50 ea 0.31 ea 0.59 ea
10,000 + 0.35 ea 0.45 ea 0.29 ea 0.53 ea
TemplatesAll Templates

Below you will find templates for our standard sized & shaped vinyl stickers. There is also a template for custom die cut vinyl stickers which can be resized if needed. Remember to prepare your print file for sticker sheets according to our artwork requirements. Also read our FAQ if you have any questions. If you still have questions, contact us with any questions regarding file preparation. There is a layer where you need to provide a 1pt stroke outline for where you'd like your kiss cuts placed. Only include the kiss cuts you have paid for. Discrepancies will require us to contact you and slow your production.

You may also purchase "Template Help" at checkout for more hands-on help placing your artwork on our templates.

Sticker Sheet Reviews

Here are the most recent reviews for our sticker sheets that have been verified as real customers and published without moderation by a third party service. Full transparency and excellent customer service is just part of what makes us Stand Out!

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