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Circle Vinyl Stickers

  • Custom Circle Stickers
Circle Stickers
  • Boku Super Food Circle Stickers
  • Admiral Barber Products Circle Stickers
  • Heavy Skateboards Circle Stickers
  • Copper Kettle Brewing Company Circle Stickers
  • Boucher Circle Stickers
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Round Stickers for the win! We run circles around our competition with the highest quality circular vinyl stickers in the industry. Why? Because we use only the finest material, longest-lasting processes and let you design your own sticker. Custom vinyl stickers can be used indoors or outdoors-in fact, if you're planning to use your stickers outside, you need to print them on vinyl to avoid bleeding, fading and peeling. Not only will our stickers last outdoors, but we extend the life of your sticker by 3-5 years by adding a laminate finish. Talk about heavy duty!

The popular sizes priced below offer our best value but there are more sizes available when you order circle stickers!
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Product Details

You can rest assured that custom circle stickers from StandOut Stickers are the highest quality available. We constantly reinvest in our company to offer the best quality sticker materials and printing technology for you!

Suitable for indoor / outdoor use (up to 5 years fade-free).
Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
(Up to 5 years fade-free!)
Full Color Sticker Printing
Eye-popping full color graphics
from cutting-edge printing tech
6mil thick vinyl stickers
Artwork printed on
3mil vinyl w/ 3mil UV laminate
Stickers Printed in Ohio, USA
Circle Stickers printed with love
in Ohio, USA

Top Reasons to Choose StandOut Stickers

  • Riot Circle Stickers
  • 8-bit Zombie Circle Stickers
  • Calaveras Dead On Paper Circle Stickers
  • Admiral Barber Shop Circle Stickers
  • Copper Kettle Brewing Co Circle Stickers
Circle Sticker Pricing

Our custom circle stickers are priced per square inch. Below you will find pricing tables for our standard circle sticker sizes which are offered at a discount! We print round stickers of any size, so please visit our Circle Stickers order page to get precise pricing for your unique sticker artwork. Notice that the cost per circle sticker is greatly reduced when you order higher quantities, so it pays to order more!

Large Circle Sticker Pricing

Circle vinyl stickers are sometimes needed in large sizes of 100+ square inches each for use as sticker signs. The larger your custom vinyl sticker is, the lower your minimum quantity! Contact us to order a low quantity of large circle vinyl stickers over 100 square inches each.

10"x10"+ (100+ sq in) circle vinyl stickers have a minimum of just 10 stickers.

12"x12"+ (144+ sq in) circle vinyl stickers have a minimum of just 5 stickers.

20"x20"+ (400+ sq in) circle vinyl stickers have a minimum of just one sticker!

QTY 100 SQ IN EAH x W = SQ IN 144 SQ IN EAH x W = SQ IN 400 SQ IN EAH x W = SQ IN
1 X X 37.76 ea
5 X 13.67 ea 37.76 ea
10 9.53 ea 13.67 ea 37.76 ea
75 9.53 ea 13.67 ea 37.76 ea
125 7.11 ea 10.19 ea 28.08 ea
250 4.94 ea 7.07 ea 19.46 ea
500 3.82 ea 5.48 ea 15.10 ea
750 3.18 ea 4.56 ea 12.54 ea
1,000 2.51 ea 3.60 ea 9.92 ea
5,000 2.19 ea 3.14 ea 8.64 ea
10,000 1.98 ea 2.84 ea 7.80 ea
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TemplatesAll Templates

Below you will find templates for all of our common circle vinyl sticker sizes. If you would like a circle sticker size that is unavailable below, simply enter your unique size when you order circle stickers. If your design has a unique shape, order a custom die cut sticker. Just remember to prepare your file according to our artwork requirements. Also read our FAQ if you have any questions. If you still have questions, Contact Us.

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