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Holographic Sticker Material Details

Our holographic stickers are printed on a vinyl material that gives a unique rainbow foil effect to the finished sticker. We then print your full color artwork on top and laminate the printed holo stickers with our original glossy sticker laminate for durability and thickness. (Learn more about glossy sticker finish details).

We offer three styles of holographic material for the same price. Choose from our standard rainbow holographic material or opt for our confetti or cracked ice holographic styles.

Standard Holographic Sticker Material Confetti Holographic Sticker Material Cracked Ice Holographic Sticker Material

Standard Holographic
This classic holographic look offers a rainbow iridescent effect across the entire sticker, creating unique visual changes depending on lighting and viewing angle.

Confetti Holographic
Our confetti holo maintains all the standard holographic features but incorporates a fine circular confetti pattern in the background. This variant is commonly used on stickers with birthday or special occasion designs.

Cracked Ice Holographic
Similar to the confetti holographic, this variant retains all the standard holographic features but introduces a unique background pattern. Unlike the standard holo solid background, the cracked ice variant features small shards in various orientations, creating a mesmerizing effect. This material is sure to make your stickers StandOut!

There are some unique concerns when choosing to print full color artwork on a metallic foil material. Please be aware of the limitations of this material before ordering:

Material Thickness
Our holographic sticker material is 4 mil thick. This is marginally thicker than our normal custom stickers printed on white vinyl. But then we go a step further by laminating it with a UV-resistant 3 mil glossy laminate which brings the total sticker thickness to 7 mil!

Weather Resistance
While our glossy laminate provides some UV and scratch protection to your printed stickers, the holographic sticker material is rated best for indoor use. The rainbow effect may degrade in constant UV exposure outdoors. For this reason we do not recommend long term outdoor applications of holographic stickers.

Holographic stickers are rated to last between 2-5 years and last longest when applied indoors.

Color Changes
When printing your design on white vinyl, we ensure accurate color replication. However the holographic material has a darker base color which is more of a gray silver which reflects all of the visible light spectrum colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, & violet. Having this colorful base instead of white vinyl will make some printed colors more muted or dark, but the rainbow effect will also completely change the look and feel of your printed colors. Do not order holographic stickers if color accuracy is required.

Clear Adhesive
One more unique feature of these stickers is that the adhesive layer is clear instead of the usual gray color you've come to expect from StandOut Stickers. This might allow your design to be seen somewhat in reverse when installed on glass.

Our standard holographic stickers feature a waxed paper backing. Our confetti and cracked ice holographic materials feature a slightly more rigid, transparent and recyclable PET backing.

Other Laminates
We have tested our matte laminate with the holographic foil material and found that it reduced the rainbow effect and while it still looked very nice, it was less desirable. We are also unable to offer glitter finish on this material at this time.

Surface Preparation
For best adhesion, apply your holographic stickers to a cleaned, dry and smooth surface.

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