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What is the difference between floor decals and custom stickers?

Many customers wonder what the difference is between our custom stickers and custom floor decals. You might also be wondering if you can install our custom stickers on your floor. What exactly are the differences between the two products?

Installation Location
Our Custom Floor Decals are meant to be installed on durable flooring as temporary floor signage. They are printed in full color and cut to any size or shape of your choice. Custom stickers can be installed on most smooth surfaces other than the floor. Any guarantees about custom sticker durability do not apply to floor applications. That being said, if you choose to order custom stickers for your floor, you're welcome to... but continue reading to learn further differences between the two products.

Surface / Finish
Floor decals feature a slip-resistant textured pvc top layer and a reinforced fabric backing. Floor decals are not laminated, instead we print directly on the textured surface using our resilient solvent-based inks. Our custom stickers are printed with the same solvent inks onto smooth vinyl sticker material, but are then laminated with a UV-resistant coating featuring a glossy or satin matte finish.

Material Thickness
Floor decals are a thicker vinyl product, measuring at 14mil thick, whereas our custom stickers are 6mil thick (3mil vinyl sticker material + 3 mil laminate).

Weather Resistance
The laminate on our custom stickers gives them a weather and UV-resistant finish, allowing you to install them outdoors for 3-5 years without fading, peeling or cracking. Our custom floor decals are meant as temporary indoor floor signage and do not feature a laminate layer. Our resilient solvent based inks are water resistant and will not bleed or smear when you clean your custom floor decals with a water or a light cleaning solution. Our floor decals are recommended for temporary installations and you should expect them to continue looking great for 4+ months.

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