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Matte vs Glossy Stickers

When deciding what type of sticker finish to order, it is important to understand what our sticker finishes do differently and similarly. The matte vs glossy stickers debate is really up to personal choice, and both finishes will protect and enhance your stickers in a similar capacity.

The primary difference between matte stickers vs glossy is the way the sticker laminate diffuses light that shines on its surface.

Our matte sticker finish has a satiny light diffusion that gives a luxurious soft glow when light hits the sticker surface. This low glare finish is easy to read in all lighting conditions.

Our glossy sticker finish has a high shine look and allows light to reflect off your sticker like any glossy surface would. This glossy finish can have high glare when light is shined directly at it.

Due to the way light is diffused by the laminate material, printed matte stickers will have the appearance of a marginally lower contrast when compared to glossy stickers of the same design.

Color Appearance:
Colors will appear deeper and richer on glossy stickers compared to matte stickers of the same design.

Glossy stickers are our most popular finish.

Both matte and glossy sticker finishes offer the same weather-resistant, durable sticker protection. All of our sticker laminate options feature UV resistance to prevent fading. Both finishes also prevent scuffs and scratches in your printed sticker design.

Our Preference:
It really depends on your design. For something more sporty or industrial, go with gloss. For something more luxurious or premium, go with matte.

Both sticker finishes are sure to please and look great for many years.

Matte Stickers Example
This photo shows our matte sticker finish used on a large custom sticker sheet for a customer that is using our stickers as custom product labels. Notice the soft gradient in the center of the image showing how the matte finish responds to light.

Matte Stickers for Meopta

Glossy Stickers Example
This die cut custom sticker features our glossy sticker finish and you can see on the right side of the photo how the glossy stickers reflect light and give colors a rich and deep appearance.

Electric Zombie What A Rush Glossy Stickers

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