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Matte Sticker Finish Details

Our matte sticker finish is a luxurious looking finish that brings an air of sophistication to your stickers.

This sticker finish creates durable matte stickers that are not only beautiful, but can stand up to the elements.

Matte stickers do not have a "dry" or "dusty" appearance, but more of a satin look that reacts to light with a diffused glow instead of a harsh shine like our glossy stickers.

Our custom sticker finishes are applied over the printed sticker graphic as a laminate. This helps to protect your printed sticker design from scratching or fading through all weather conditions.

Material Thickness
- Vinyl Sticker Material Thickness: 3 mil.
- Matte Sticker Finish Thickness: 3 mil.
- Total Sticker Thickness: 6 mil.

All of our sticker finishes similarly protect and strengthen the printed custom sticker graphic. All of our finish options increase lifespan indoors and outdoors and protect from scratches and fading. Most of the differences between finish options are in the look and feel of the finished product.

Matte Sticker Finish Features
- Weather Resistant.
- Blocks UV Rays / Prevents Fading.
- Prevents scratches and scuffing on printed graphic.
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions.
- Increases sticker durability & lifespan.

Our high quality sticker laminates can change the look of your stickers, but they also have the added benefit of making your vinyl stickers thicker, with a premium heavy duty feel.

Matte Sticker Appearance
- Shine is diffused with a satin matte overlay.
- Good, accurate color appearance.
- Mildly reduced contrast when compared to our glossy finish.
- Matte sticker finish gives a premium, sophisticated look.
- A popular choice for product labels and logo stickers.

Matte finish can be added to any of our vinyl custom stickers at no additional fee.

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