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Glitter Sticker Finish Details

Our glitter sticker finish is turning heads with its shimmering sparkle effects.

This sticker finish creates durable glitter stickers which are not only dazzling, but can stand up to the elements.

Glitter stickers have a high gloss appearance with the addition of very fine, transparent metallic glitter flake uniformly applied over your design. This makes your printed graphics come to life with sparkles and adds a new dimension and character to your sticker design.

Our glitter stickers are not like other so-called "glitter stickers" that use holographic foil with a printed glitter texture. Our glitter laminate is just like the kind used on cars and boats to give a brilliant gleaming shine to any color it laminates. It uses real, actual reflective glitter flake to reflect light and add shimmer effects to your sticker.

Our custom sticker finishes are applied over the printed sticker graphic as a laminate. This helps to protect your printed sticker design from scratching or fading through all weather conditions.

Material Thickness
- Vinyl Sticker Material Thickness: 3 mil.
- Glitter Sticker Finish Thickness: 3 mil.
- Total Sticker Thickness: 6 mil.

All of our sticker finishes similarly protect and strengthen the printed custom sticker graphic. All of our finish options increase lifespan indoors and outdoors and protect from scratches and fading. Most of the differences between finish options are in the look and feel of the finished product.

Glitter Sticker Finish Features
- Glossy, smooth surface.
- Super fine, transparent metallic glitter flake reflects light.
- Weather Resistant.
- Blocks UV Rays / Prevents Fading.
- Prevents scratches and scuffing on printed graphic.
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions.
- Increases sticker durability & lifespan.

Our high quality sticker laminates can change the look of your stickers, but they also have the added benefit of making your vinyl stickers thicker, with a premium heavy duty feel.

Glitter Sticker Appearance
- Colors are rich and deep.
- High contrast between light and dark colors.
- Higher glare than glossy stickers due to the reflective shine of glitter.
- Glitter sticker finish gives a fun and collectable look.

You can order glitter stickers in any size or shape, and design them online when you choose one of our standard shapes (any size!)

The super fine glitter in our laminate is not completely transparent, but it does a good job of letting your intended colors appear natural and as expected. If you look very closely, you can see the transparent metallic glitter flake when it is applied over white. We do not recommend our glitter sticker finish if you are extremely concerned with precise color reproduction.

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