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Full Color Sticker Printing

StandOut Stickers specializes in full color sticker printing. Our custom stickers, custom magnets and custom floor decals are printed with top of the line full color printers. Whether your design is pure black and white, or full CMYK color, we can print it for the same low price. No extra charges per color printed, anything goes!

Any sticker designs submitted in RGB will be converted to CMYK before printing. The CMYK color gamut cannot achieve some of the bright color values that RGB displayed on screen is capable of. Please be cautious of submitting neon / vibrant designs in RGB as they may become dull or darker when printed as CMYK.

We do not print spot colors, metallic inks, or on clear material. If you need to match pantone colors we recommend converting them to CMYK using pantone's suggested formulas. These can be found at the pantone color finder website. We do not recommend using the conversions built in to Adobe software. If an exact match is required when printing your custom stickers, custom magnets or custom floor decals, you may contact us about the cost of sample prints for your project.

We recently published a behind the scenes look at our entire sticker printing process. Check it out on our blog: Sticker Printing: Behind The Scenes!

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