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Are there recommended sizes for floor decals?

We can print and cut floor decals to any size or shape but we do have a few recommendations when you choose a floor decal size or custom die cut shape:

While you are able to order floor decals of any size, we do not recommend floor decals smaller than 6"x6". Your floor decals should be readable and visible and most customers choose to order floor decals that are 10" or larger.

When choosing floor decals for a tile floor, we recommend ordering a size that will fit just within the boundaries of a tile to prevent the decal from ending on a grout line. For instance, if you have 12"x12" tile, we would choose an 11.5"x11.5" floor decal. If you wanted to overlap a group of four 12" tiles, you would probably want to order a 23.5"x23.5" floor decal. This would ensure best adhesion and prevent the decal from peeling up.

When ordering die cut floor decals, make sure you dont have any sharp points or thin details sticking out from your die cut line. Large rounded shapes offer the best prevention from shearing or peeling. Do not submit an overly complex and fragile cut path to ensure a durable floor decal.

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