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Square Fridge Magnets

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Square Magnets
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Square up to these square fridge magnets! If you have square artwork or a logo you need magnetized, check out our custom printed square fridge magnets! We can print logo magnets and more at any size on our high quality, durable magnetic material. Choose from our standard square magnet sizes below for the best price when you order square magnets!

We start with thick 20mil thick (0.508mm) magnetic material and print your custom artwork in vivid full color with our cutting edge printers. Your square fridge magnets are then cut to size by a computer-guided blade for extreme precision. We ship bulk square fridge magnets in shrink wrapped stacks but we also offer custom packaging and labeling options for retail-ready square magnets when you contact us.

Product Details

You can rest assured that your square fridge magnets from StandOut Stickers are the highest quality custom magnets available. We constantly reinvest in our company to offer the best quality fridge magnet materials and printing technology for you!

Custom Square Magnets Suitable for Indoor Use
Suitable for indoor use
(to ensure longest life)
Full Color Fridge Magnet Printing
Full color fridge magnets
from cutting-edge printing tech
22mil Thick Flexible Magnets
Artwork printed on
20mil (0.508mm) thick magnetic material
Printed in Ohio, USA
Magnets printed with love
in Ohio, USA

These square magnets work great as fridge magnets and the bigger they are, the stronger they hold! Our premium quality custom refrigerator magnets are available to order at a low minimum quantity of just 25 square fridge magnets per design.

Square magnets are perfect for logo magnets, magnetic signs and save the date magnets. Magnets are an excellent marketing tool that is collectable, reusable and something people will display proudly. You can design your own square magnets in our easy online tool!

Our square flexible custom magnets have a standard production time of up to 4 business days. If you upgrade to rush production your magnets can ship as quickly as 2 business days.

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Square Fridge Magnet Pricing

Our custom square fridge magnets are priced per square inch. Below you will find pricing tables for our standard square magnet sizes which are offered at a discount! We print square magnets of any size, so please visit our Square Magnets order page to get precise pricing for your unique fridge magnet artwork. Notice that the cost per square magnet is greatly reduced when you order higher attractive offer, indeed!

When it comes to custom fridge magnets, ordering in bulk can be a great way to save money while getting more bang for your buck. The cost per magnet decreases as you order larger quantities, making it a cost-effective option for businesses or organizations looking to promote their brand or message.

In addition to bulk magnets being more cost-effective, larger fridge magnets also tend to hold stronger. This is because the larger the magnet, the more surface area it has to grip onto the metal surface. So not only do you get more magnets for your money when you order in bulk, but you also get stronger magnets that will stay securely in place. We like to say, when it comes to magnets, bigger is better!

So if you're looking for a cost-effective way to promote your business or add a personal touch to your space, consider ordering custom square fridge magnets in bulk. With discounted pricing and stronger holding power, it's a win-win situation that you won't want to pass up!

QTY 1.5" 1.75" 2" 2.25"
25 0.77 ea 0.79 ea 0.80 ea 1.02 ea
50 0.46 ea 0.48 ea 0.48 ea 0.61 ea
75 0.38 ea 0.39 ea 0.40 ea 0.50 ea
125 0.28 ea 0.29 ea 0.30 ea 0.38 ea
250 0.20 ea 0.20 ea 0.21 ea 0.26 ea
500 0.15 ea 0.16 ea 0.16 ea 0.20 ea
750 0.13 ea 0.13 ea 0.14 ea 0.17 ea
1,000 0.10 ea 0.11 ea 0.11 ea 0.14 ea
5,000 0.09 ea 0.09 ea 0.09 ea 0.12 ea
10,000 + 0.08 ea 0.08 ea 0.09 ea 0.11 ea
QTY 2.5" 2.75" 3" 3.5"
25 1.25 ea 1.52 ea 1.80 ea 2.45 ea
50 0.75 ea 0.91 ea 1.08 ea 1.47 ea
75 0.62 ea 0.75 ea 0.89 ea 1.21 ea
125 0.46 ea 0.56 ea 0.66 ea 0.90 ea
250 0.32 ea 0.39 ea 0.46 ea 0.63 ea
500 0.25 ea 0.30 ea 0.36 ea 0.49 ea
750 0.21 ea 0.25 ea 0.30 ea 0.39 ea
1,000 0.17 ea 0.20 ea 0.24 ea 0.32 ea
5,000 0.15 ea 0.17 ea 0.21 ea 0.28 ea
10,000 + 0.13 ea 0.16 ea 0.19 ea 0.25 ea
QTY 4" 4.5" 5" 5.5"
25 3.20 ea 4.05 ea 5.00 ea 6.05 ea
50 1.92 ea 2.43 ea 3.00 ea 3.63 ea
75 1.58 ea 2.00 ea 2.47 ea 2.99 ea
125 1.18 ea 1.49 ea 1.84 ea 2.22 ea
250 0.82 ea 1.03 ea 1.27 ea 1.54 ea
500 0.64 ea 0.80 ea 0.99 ea 1.20 ea
750 0.53 ea 0.67 ea 0.82 ea 1.00 ea
1,000 0.42 ea 0.53 ea 0.65 ea 0.79 ea
5,000 0.37 ea 0.46 ea 0.57 ea 0.69 ea
10,000 + 0.33 ea 0.42 ea 0.51 ea 0.62 ea
QTY 6"
25 7.20 ea
50 4.32 ea
75 3.56 ea
125 2.65 ea
250 1.83 ea
500 1.43 ea
750 1.18 ea
1,000 0.94 ea
5,000 0.82 ea
10,000 + 0.74 ea
Large square Magnet Pricing

Square fridge magnets are sometimes needed in large sizes of 10+ inches wide for use as magnetic signs. The larger your fridge magnet is, the lower your minimum quantity! Contact us to order a low quantity order of large square magnets over 100 square inches each.

10"x10"+ (100+ sq in) square fridge magnets have a minimum of just 10 magnets.

12"x12"+ (144+ sq in) square fridge magnets have a minimum of just 5 magnets.

20"x20"+ (400+ sq in) square fridge magnets have a minimum of just one magnet!

QTY 100 SQ IN EAH x W = SQ IN 144 SQ IN EAH x W = SQ IN 400 SQ IN EAH x W = SQ IN
1 X X 80.35 ea
5 X 29.15 ea 80.35 ea
10 20.35 ea 29.15 ea 80.35 ea
25 20.35 ea 29.15 ea 80.35 ea
50 12.19 ea 17.47 ea 48.19 ea
75 10.04 ea 14.39 ea 39.68 ea
125 7.47 ea 10.70 ea 29.49 ea
250 5.19 ea 7.42 ea 20.43 ea
500 4.02 ea 5.75 ea 15.87 ea
750 3.35 ea 4.79 ea 13.19 ea
1,000 2.63 ea 3.77 ea 10.40 ea
5,000 2.30 ea 3.30 ea 9.08 ea
10,000 + 2.08 ea 2.98 ea 8.20 ea
TemplatesAll Templates

Below you will find templates for all of our common square fridge magnet sizes. If you would like a square magnet size that is unavailable below, simply enter your unique size when you order square magnets. When you check out, a custom template will be generated for your unique fridge magnet size in our easy to use art tool. If you choose to upload custom artwork, just remember to prepare your file according to our Artwork Requirements. Also read our FAQ if you have any questions. If you still have questions, Contact Us.

Square Fridge Magnet Reviews

Here are the most recent reviews for our square fridge magnets that have been verified as real customers and published without moderation by a third party service. Full transparency and excellent customer service is just part of what makes us Stand Out!

This is a newer product, so bear with us while we collect verified reviews. You may want to read reviews of other fridge magnet shapes as well.

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