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Circle Fridge Magnets

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Circle Magnets
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Round Fridge Magnets, Any Size! The word 'round town is that our circle fridge magnets are the highest quality full color magnets you can buy! We'll magnetize your round artwork or print you logo magnets in any round size! Choose from our standard circle magnet sizes below for the best price when you order circle magnets!

Our circle fridge magnets are printed on durable 22mil (0.56mm) thick flexible magnetic material with a 60lb / sq. ft of magnetic pull rating. Our minimum order is just 75 circle magnets! Ordering circle refrigerator magnets online is easy when you create your magnet design in our free online tool. When you do, you'll get an instant digital proof to approve before you place your order!

Product Details

You can rest assured that your circle fridge magnets from StandOut Stickers are the highest quality custom magnets available. We constantly reinvest in our company to offer the best quality magnet materials and printing technology for you!

Custom Circle Magnets Suitable for Indoor Use
Suitable for indoor use
(to ensure longest life)
Full Color Fridge Magnet Printing
Full color fridge magnets
from cutting-edge printing tech
22mil Thick Flexible Magnets
Artwork printed on
22mil (0.56mm) thick magnetic material
Printed in Ohio, USA
Magnets printed with love
in Ohio, USA

These circle magnets work great as fridge magnets and the bigger they are, the stronger they hold! Our premium quality custom refrigerator magnets are available to order at a low minimum quantity of just 75 circle fridge magnets per design.

Our round fridge magnets are perfect for logo magnets, magnetic signs and even magnetic business cards. Magnets are an excellent marketing tool that is collectable, reusable and something your customers will display proudly. You can design your own round magnets in our easy online tool!

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  • Parks Project Circle Magnets
  • Parks Project Circle Magnets
Circle Fridge Magnet Pricing

Our custom circle fridge magnets are priced per square inch. Below you will find pricing tables for our standard circle refrigerator magnet sizes which are offered at a discount! We print round magnets of any size, so please visit our Circle Magnets order page to get precise pricing for your unique fridge magnet artwork. Notice that the cost per circle magnet is greatly reduced when you order higher attractive offer, indeed!

QTY 1.5" 1.75" 2" 2.25"
75 0.3333 ea 0.3456 ea 0.35 ea 0.443 ea
125 0.2476 ea 0.2568 ea 0.26 ea 0.3291 ea
250 0.1714 ea 0.1777 ea 0.18 ea 0.2278 ea
500 0.1333 ea 0.1383 ea 0.14 ea 0.1772 ea
750 0.1105 ea 0.1146 ea 0.116 ea 0.1468 ea
1,000 0.0876 ea 0.0909 ea 0.092 ea 0.1164 ea
5,000 0.0762 ea 0.079 ea 0.08 ea 0.1013 ea
10,000 0.0686 ea 0.0711 ea 0.72 ea 0.0911 ea
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QTY 2.5" 2.75" 3" 3.5"
75 0.5469 ea 0.6617 ea 0.7875 ea 1.0719 ea
125 0.4063 ea 0.4916 ea 0.585 ea 0.7963 ea
250 0.2813 ea 0.3403 ea 0.405 ea 0.5513 ea
500 0.2188 ea 0.2647 ea 0.315 ea 0.4288 ea
750 0.1813 ea 0.2193 ea 0.261 ea 0.3553 ea
1,000 0.1437 ea 0.1739 ea 0.207 ea 0.2818 ea
5,000 0.125 ea 0.1512 ea 0.18 ea 0.245 ea
10,000 0.1125 ea 0.1361 ea 0.162 ea 0.2205 ea
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QTY 4" 4.5" 5" 5.5"
75 1.40 ea 1.7719 ea 2.1875 ea 2.6469 ea
125 1.04 ea 1.3163 ea 1.625 ea 1.9663 ea
250 0.72 ea 0.9113 ea 1.125 ea 1.3612 ea
500 0.56 ea 0.7088 ea 0.875 ea 1.0588 ea
750 0.464 ea 0.5873 ea 0.725 ea 0.8773 ea
1,000 0.368 ea 0.4657 ea 0.575 ea 0.6957 ea
5,000 0.32 ea 0.405 ea 0.50 ea 0.605 ea
10,000 0.288 ea 0.3645 ea 0.45 ea 0.5445 ea
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QTY 6"
75 3.15 ea
125 2.34 ea
250 1.62 ea
500 1.26 ea
750 1.044 ea
1,000 0.828 ea
5,000 0.72 ea
10,000 0.648 ea
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Large Circle Magnet Pricing

Circle fridge magnets are sometimes needed in large sizes of 10+ inches wide for use as magnetic signs. The larger your fridge magnet is, the lower your minimum quantity! Contact us to order a low quantity order of large circle magnets over 100 square inches each.

10"x10"+ (100+ sq in) circle fridge magnets have a minimum of just 10 magnets.

12"x12"+ (144+ sq in) circle fridge magnets have a minimum of just 5 magnets.

20"x20"+ (400+ sq in) circle fridge magnets have a minimum of just one magnet!

QTY 100 SQ IN EAH x W = SQ IN 144 SQ IN EAH x W = SQ IN 400 SQ IN EAH x W = SQ IN
1 X X 35.11 ea
5 X 12.71 ea 35.11 ea
10 8.86 ea 12.71 ea 35.11 ea
75 8.86 ea 12.71 ea 35.11 ea
125 6.61 ea 9.47 ea 26.11 ea
250 4.59 ea 6.57 ea 18.00 ea
500 3.555 ea 5.095 ea 14.055 ea
750 2.955 ea 4.231 ea 11.655 ea
1,000 2.335 ea 3.347 ea 9.235 ea
5,000 2.035 ea 2.915 ea 8.035 ea
10,000 1.835 ea 2.627 ea 7.235 ea
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TemplatesAll Templates

Below you will find templates for all of our common circle fridge magnet sizes. If you would like a circle refrigerator magnet size that is unavailable below, simply enter your unique size when you order circle magnets. When you check out, a custom template will be generated for your unique magnet size in our easy to use art tool. If you choose to upload custom artwork, just remember to prepare your file according to our Artwork Requirements. Also read our FAQ if you have any questions. If you still have questions, Contact Us.

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